Licensed Electrician in Sunbury

Based in Sunbury, Inspired Electrical Contracting offers residential and commercial electrical services. 

Our licensed electricians are qualified to undertake all types of electrical work!

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Whether you're worried about an old toaster or excited about plans for a new jacuzzi, Inspired Electrical Contracting can make sure the wiring and electrical components of your home are working safely and efficiently. Contact us to discuss your project details. 

As licensed electricians, we can take on any job that requires the installation of an electrical supply or supply outlet. Our services include:

  • Electrical wiring and rewiring
  • Electrical repairs
  • Lighting installations
  • Air conditioning repairs

We also specialise in commercial electrical work!

Our electricians are professionally trained

Licensed Electrician Sunbury
Licensed Electrician Melton

More About Us

Electricians in Australia and around the world have the important job of making sure wiring systems and electrical devices run smoothly. Their service is particularly important on construction sites and while companies move their operation from one office to another.

At Inspired Electrical Contracting, our services cover everything from simple repairs and testing through to full rewires and larger commercial installations.

Contact us to see how we can help you!  We have the licences and insurance to protect homeowners and businesses from insurance liabilities. 

We can install and repair electrical systems for both commercial and residential applications


We Specialise In:

  • Residential electrical services
  • Commercial electrical services
  • Split system repairs
  • 24-hour emergency electrical services

DIY electrical work is a really bad idea!

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